Relaxed Sandal in Amber Leather


The women's Relaxed sandal by SAS features three buckle straps for adjustability. Relaxed is crafted with a broad, contoured footbed, molding naturally to your unique foot shape. Tripad Comfort System cushions the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel. The women's Relaxed sandal by SAS has Ultra-Puff™ Lining that cushions and protects the foot, while the wide outsole provides increased stability and shock absorption.

  • Genuine leather upper
  • SAS Tripad® Comfort cushions inside ball, outside ball & heel
  • Broad, contoured footbed covered in soft Super Suede™
  • Ultra-Puff™ Lining cushions and eliminates harsh edges against the foot
  • All Day Comfort Sole is wide for increased stability and shock absorption
  • Three adjustable buckle straps