Dress Fast in Brown Leather


This "Dress" addition to our collection of Fast allows you to still move quickly but in fine leather. Hand-lasted construction and softer, more pliable leather, unique just for this shoe. It’s a shoemaking method that requires the utmost in precision--all the rich, comfy materials that touch your foot are stitched together for a sock-like fit before they’re attached to the sole. Made in dress leather welt to give you a reason to wear Fast to work.
  • Hand-lasted construction for a sock-like fit
  • Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel
  • Custom Vibram® soles provide all day support
  • Lightweight Kevlar® shank gives sturdy arch support
  • Triple-Density memory foam insole, topped in silky smooth leather
  • Removable insole for your own orthotics
  • SKU: M1310061