Force Dry

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Whether you've waded through a stream on your last hike, been hit with a sudden torrential downpour on your last run, or you've just worked up a healthy sweat playing sports, trapped moisture can linger in your footwear for days and cause major discomfort on your next adventure. Utilizing a gently heated airflow, the Force Dry glove, and shoe dryer safely eliminate unwanted wetness from your footwear in about an hour; restoring comfort and increasing the longevity of your gear.

  • Gently heated forced air eliminates unwanted moisture in about an hour
  • Helps keep odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and molds from forming
  • Features a durable, compact design
  • Safe for all types of footwear and gloves
  • Up to 3-hour dry timer
  • SKU: 02207