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Mystic: Taking the Sandal World by Storm

It’s only February 1st, and the staff at Mar-Lou is already thinking about spring/summer footwear. We have new arrivals already from two lines – Naot and SAS. Both brands feature incredible comfort and support. Naot is a bit more style-based, while SAS creates tried-and-true classics with tons of adjustability.

This spring, SAS set the sandal-bar with the introduction of a new style: Mystic. If you’ve been wearing SAS for years, you may recognize this sandal from your own closet. Mystic is an update to the SAS Trio sandal, featuring even MORE adjustability than the original.

Mystic is crafted with four adjustable straps – three across the instep and one around the ankle.

Four adjustable straps make it easy to customize the fit of the shoe from day to day. Feet often change and swell the longer the day goes on. Your feet will feel comfortable no matter what time it is in this savvy new sandal.

Along with fit capabilities, Mystic features a soft, resilient footbed covered in suede. Find arch support and a soft landing for your heel, as well as a durable outsole. Ranging in widths from narrow to double wide, and available in a range of colors, from staple black to unique turquoise, Mystic is the perfect sandal for any foot this spring and summer.

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Black Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Linen Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Pink Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Turquoise Leather

NEW BRAND: Dromedaris!

With a new season comes new brands at Mar Lou! One of our favorites is the new Kara boot by Dromedaris. Comfy and stylish, this boot is the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe! Check out all the other colors it comes in!

Kara Boot by Dromedaris at Mar Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Naot Sandals On Sale!

Naot uses a blend of latex and cork to make a comfortable, stylish shoe that replicates the shape of YOUR foot the same way sand forms around a footprint!

Naot at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Professional Summer Wardrobe? No Sweat!

ann taylor, express, white house black market, mar-lou shoes, cleveland ohio

*featured above: Taos Shoes at Mar-Lou Shoes, Lacy Linen shirtdress at Ann Taylor, sleeveless blazer from Express, cropped pants from White House Black Market*

Summer is fast approaching! For many Ohioans, summer is a welcome break from the cold winter and rain-soaked spring seasons. With summer comes sun (finally!) and with sun comes heat. I don’t know about you, but the heat forces me to take a look at my closet and get creative. Or to take a look at my closet and realize I need to do some shopping.

Professional, lightweight summer work clothes are not always easy to come by, and many of us don’t want to spend the money on a new work wardrobe to accompany a season that only lasts about 2 months! You don’t have to overly extend your budget to acquire clothing that is heat-friendly and professional. All it takes to create a professional summer-work wardrobe are a few key pieces!

Sleeveless Blazer

The sleeveless blazer is a staple item to stow in your closet for the warm summer months. A sleeveless blazer can be worn with a dress or pants. This piece is simple, effortless and professional. If your office or place of work has a policy that maintains you must keep your shoulders covered, this look can still work for you! Pair the sleeveless blazer with a short sleeved or ¾ length sleeve blouse or dress for more coverage. If you’re willing to invest a bit more for a quality piece that you know you will utilize, Banana Republic carries sleeveless blazers. For the shopper who wants to spend less to test out this look amazon shopping is a great place to start!


Shirtdresses are amazing for a few reasons: they are lightweight, comfortable, work-appropriate and look great on any body shape! Shirtdresses come sleeveless, short-sleeved and ¾ length making them perfect for the warm summer months, and even into fall and spring. Ann Taylor, White House Black Market and Nordstrom feature shirtdresses in a variety of styles, patterns and colors, and prices are reasonable.

 Cropped Pants

Keeping cool in summertime work conditions is a little easier with a pair (or several pairs) of cropped pants. Cropped pants are a must-have for work. Cropped pants expose just enough leg to still be professional and keep you cooler than traditional long or flaired pants. Linen cropped pants are cool and professional this season. Most cropped pants come in a mid-waisted style which is more flattering than low-rise and not as restrictive as high-rise bottoms.

Sleeveless blazers, shirtdresses and cropped pants are all summer-friendly items to keep in your closet this season! To truly keep cool you must pay attention to the fabric your clothing is made of. Keep in mind the breathability of fabric when choosing your clothing. Wool, linen and cotton are all fabrics that are breathable. These fabrics will keep you cooler than wearing rayon or polyester. Prices may be higher on clothing that uses a natural fabric such as cotton or linen, but the quality, durability and breathability make the price worth it!


Last but not least: shoes. The right pair of shoes can make or break any outfit. A great pair of wedges compliment all of these looks. Wedges are stylish and professional. Mar-Lou Shoes features a wide variety of wedges and work-appropriate shoes to help you beat the heat this summer! Let’s be honest, who wants to walk around in a pair of uncomfortable shoes? No matter how cute they are, a shoe that doesn’t support you can cause you unnecessary pain and discomfort. At Mar-Lou Shoes we make sure you are properly fitted and will find the right wedge to support your foot-needs. 

Happy Summer Shopping!

*images found on google, Express, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor and Mar-Lou Shoes

Blue is the New Black

Summer is fast approaching and so are the latest trends to watch out for! Blue is back, so don’t be afraid to get the blues this summer in a pair of Wolky, Sanuk, Rapisardi or one of Mar-Lou’s many other stylish sandal selections!

mar-lou shoes, wolky, sanuk, rapisardi, finn comfort, earth, blue

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