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Mystic: Taking the Sandal World by Storm

It’s only February 1st, and the staff at Mar-Lou is already thinking about spring/summer footwear. We have new arrivals already from two lines – Naot and SAS. Both brands feature incredible comfort and support. Naot is a bit more style-based, while SAS creates tried-and-true classics with tons of adjustability.

This spring, SAS set the sandal-bar with the introduction of a new style: Mystic. If you’ve been wearing SAS for years, you may recognize this sandal from your own closet. Mystic is an update to the SAS Trio sandal, featuring even MORE adjustability than the original.

Mystic is crafted with four adjustable straps – three across the instep and one around the ankle.

Four adjustable straps make it easy to customize the fit of the shoe from day to day. Feet often change and swell the longer the day goes on. Your feet will feel comfortable no matter what time it is in this savvy new sandal.

Along with fit capabilities, Mystic features a soft, resilient footbed covered in suede. Find arch support and a soft landing for your heel, as well as a durable outsole. Ranging in widths from narrow to double wide, and available in a range of colors, from staple black to unique turquoise, Mystic is the perfect sandal for any foot this spring and summer.

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Black Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Linen Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Pink Leather

Mystic Sandal by SAS Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Web Turquoise Leather

Plantar Fasciitis: Shoes to Support You

What exactly is plantar fasciitis?

There’s a flat ligament linking your heel bone to your toes. Specifically, this ligament supports the arch in your foot. Over time, the tissue in this ligament may become strained, weakened or irritated in some way. Discomfort develops because the weakened ligament is no longer supporting your foot the way it should be – this is plantar fasciitis.

Many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis visit our store in the hopes of finding comfortable footwear. While plantar fasciitis can occur for any number of reasons, one element is common among those who have it: pain. Shopping for and finding comfortable footwear can quickly become a hassle. One of the most important features to look for when shopping to alleviate plantar fasciitis is arch support. Finding the perfect type of arch support is a game changer.

Ziera is a fantastic brand to look at when shopping for shoes to help alleviate the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. This company stems from New Zealand, and has found success creating shoes with incredible arch support. Ziera’s innovative designs even allow the wearer to replace the footbed with her own custom orthotic. Even better: Ziera works hard to create footwear you actually want to wear. Ziera designs unique styles from boots to sandals.

Below are 3 of our best-selling Ziera styles:


Shoes To Help Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis by Ziera Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

1. Allsorts Sneaker by Ziera



Shoes To Help Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis by Ziera Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

2. Canny Ankle Boot by Ziera




Shoes To Help Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis by Ziera Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

3. Xray Mary Jane by Ziera



Top 5 Wedges for Summer 2016

Wedges have always made for a fabulous fashion statement, from Salvatore Ferragamo’s creation in the 1930s to present day. Most wedges (not all) offer more comfort and support than a high heel or stiletto shoe. With fashion and science evolving every day, many companies are finding unique ways to create wedges that are actually pretty good for your feet. The right design has the ability to provide incredible arch support and comfort that lasts when you’re on your feet all day.

Whether you’re searching for a summery shoe with comfort, style or a blend of both, the right wedge can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

Below is a list of our favorite wedges this season:

  • Ka by Wolky

Arch support abounds in this unique wedge by the Dutch company, Wolky. Ka is adjustable at the ankle and across the front of the foot. After your first wear, Ka’s footbed molds itself to your distinct foot shape. If that’s not enough to convince you how amazing these wedges are, the company name itself tells you: Wolky stems from the Dutch word for cloud – “wolk”.  The second you step into a pair of these bad boys, you’ll understand why they rock.

Ka Wedge by Wolky Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Adjustability across the front and around the ankle is beneficial when it comes to finding that “perfect fit” (we really love adjustability at our store). The suede-lined footbed is made from cork and contours to your specific foot. If reviews on the Carousel don’t convince you they’re amazing, we don’t know what will. Other than trying them on yourself, of course.

Carousel Wedge by Taos Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Here’s the scoop on Earth brand shoes: the footbed and support structure is modeled after a specific yoga pose. Mountain pose or “tadasana” finds you standing with your back straight, core pulled in, hands at your sides and feet firmly planted beneath you.  This promotes proper posture and connects you to the earth from the feet up. Calla emulates mountain pose by providing firm support in the arch, keeping you feeling steady and comfortable on your feet.

Calla Wedge by Earth Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

Behold! A cute, comfy wedge offered in WIDE WIDTHS. Clarene Award has made quite an impact this season, with its offering of bright colors and, most importantly, Clarks Ortholite footbed construction. Ortholite is a blend of synthetic materials and recycled rubber that creates a lightweight, easy-to-walk-in cushioning.

Clarene Award Wedge by Clarks Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

  • Cast by Walking Cradles

Aside from the fact that this shoe is adjustable (shocking, we know) and available in widths up to a double wide, the big deal here is the Tiny Pillows footbed technology. You can probably guess what the footbed on these slip-on wedges feels comparable to. Tiny Pillows is 5mm of foam that not only cushions while you’re wearing it, but bounces back after you’ve removed the shoe. This makes for lasting, durable comfort over the years.

Cast Wedge by Walking Cradles Available at Mar-Lou Shoes in Cleveland Ohio

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